Save US Dollars and Earn up to 10% Interest.

Get up to 10% annual interest paid daily when you save in USD on Quidax. Swap cryptocurrency for USD in seconds! Withdraw anytime.

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How to save in US Dollars on Quidax

Saving in US Dollars has never been this easy. Here's exactly how to get started.

Step 1

Sign up on Quidax and fund your account with crypto

Step 2

Swap your crypto for USD

Step 3

Choose either fixed or flexible savings

Step 4

Save and earn daily interest

Why Should I Save in US Dollars on Quidax?

Up to 10% Interest

Apart from preserving the value of your money, you can make more money too!

Protected Savings

With your USD on Quidax, your money is secure!

Low Capital

Worried that you don’t have much to save? You can start with as low as $5.

Instant Withdrawal

Need to collect your interest? Withdraw it with the click of a button.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does US Dollar (USD) Savings work on Quidax?-

USD Savings on Quidax allows you to earn up to 10% interest. You can convert Naira or cryptocurrencies into US Dollars (USD), save it, and start earning interest.