Stake your QDX to earn rewards

The QDX Vault is our in-house staking service. QDX holders can stake their coins and get rewards when we airdrop new coins.

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Just stake your QDX. We do the heavy lifting!

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Earn sweet rewards

Staking your QDX grants you access to token airdrops and more rewards.

Stake and unstake

There's no minimum staking period with the QDX Vault. You can access your QDX whenever you like.

Passive Income

The free crypto you get could be the Bitcoin of tomorrow!

Kick back, relax.

All you literally have to do is buy QDX and stake. it. We do the heavy lifting, and you get all the rewards!

Put your QDX to work for you!

Staking your QDX using the QDX Vault will allow you to enjoy token airdrops and other rewards. It's the ultimate stress-free investment!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the QDX Vault? -

The QDX Vault is our in-house staking service. Using the service, holders of our native QDX token can stake it however long they'd like.