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Quidax API allows you to integrate our suite of products into yours. Become a part of the cryptocurrency ecosystem like these brands.

One API For All Your Use Cases

Quidax API helps you build products for personal and core business functions.

  • Crypto Exchanges

    Build products to help people buy, sell, trade and store cryptocurrency assets easily.

  • Trading Bots

    Quidax API allows you to execute effective trading strategies using trading bots.

  • Remittance Platforms

    You can convert cryptocurrrencies into fiat (local currency) and also convert fiat into cryptocurrencies instantly.

  • Fintechs

    Improve your financial products by providing crypto assets and services to your customers.

  • E-commerce

    Accept Bitcoin, ethereum and other cryptocurrencies as payment from your customers and instantly convert them to fiat.

The Best Option For Building Crypto Products

Deep Liquidity

There are no limitations on buying and selling volume of cryptocurrency and fiat

Seamless Transactions

Enjoy easy and seamless deposits and payouts using the Quidax API.

Easy to use APIs

Integrate your platforms easily with simple and well detailed documentation.

99.9% Uptime

Experience almost no downtime. We have the best hands & infrastructure keeping things going 24/7.

Quick Technical Support

We have a team dedicated to resolving and providing solutions for all technical issues.


We ensure the safety and integrity of your customers’ funds with the use of advance security measures.

We Already Power Awesome Products

Our APIs already power innovative products like bill payment apps, to dollar-cost averaging bots, and more.

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Getting started is easy, follow these 3 steps below to setup your business account.


Create a business account on Quidax



Go to developer settings and get your API Keys.



Integrate & Start Building.


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    Building with digital products require some networking and learning. Stay up to date with events happening in the ecosystem.

    You are in good hands

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    Secure Storage

    The majority of customers’ funds and assets are safely stored in safe and secure offline, cold storage facilities.

    Advanced Data Encryption

    We protect your customer data and personal information, including Know-Your-Customer (KYC) information, by encrypting data in storage.

    Organizational Security

    Our wallet infrastructure feature advanced security measures, including multisignature and threshold signature schemes (TSS), ensuring the safety and integrity of your customers’ funds.

    Top-Notch Compliance

    We are AML/CFT policies compliant. Our in-house team of compliance specialists ensure that we maintain industry standards of compliance that impact security and protects you through routine audits, policy implementation, etc.

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    Join a community of crypto product innovators. Learn, Engage, & Grow.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Will I need to create a Quidax account to use the API?-

    Yes, you will. Your Quidax account will serve as the reference point for all other tethered accounts.